Should I stay or should I go?

Mandatory overtime. Unsupportive management. Racing against the clock. Another stupid form. Neglected patients. 

And now, a highly contagious, lethal virus.

You are torn; you once loved nursing, but the negatives are piling up. Health worries for you and your loved ones. Feeling abused,     disrespected. Work has taken over your life. Your thoughts run in a loop, “Should I stay in nursing or is time to move on?” It’s time to stop the rehashing. You can get clear about your career direction, and make the inspired, confident decision about your next steps.

 As a travel nurse, Karen Wade spent years working side-by-side with nurses in facilities across the country where she felt and heard about these almost universal job stressors. With her doctorate in organizational psychology and years of experience helping people and organizations optimize their wellbeing and effectiveness, in Career Clarity for Nurses, Karen teaches you how to:

  • Embrace your unique path to self-care
  • Explore your feelings about nursing without guilt
  • Use new skills and core values to empower you in whatever direction you choose
  • Build knowledge about your emotions and use it to manage stress and bring calm focus
  • Transform difficult relationships with coworkers or managers into supportive ones
  •     Uncover what you really need from your work, making your decision obvious, natural, and freeing

 Let Career Clarity for Nurses guide you to a career path of passion and fulfillment.

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About the Author

Dr. Karen Wade, who released a new book on nursing

Dr. Karen Wade is an organizational psychologist and registered nurse certified in psychiatric mental health nursing. She speaks and consults in the areas of positive culture, leadership development and career clarity. Her new book is designed for mid-to-later career nurses to have breakthroughs in career vision that bring renewed joy and energy to all aspects of their lives. For more information about Karen, the book, or the new Companion Course to the book, visit her website, www.drkarenwade.com

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