Is it time to leave the nursing profession?

Mandatory overtime. Unsupportive management. Conflict with coworkers. Racing against the clock. Another stupid form. Neglected patients. And then after all that you are expected to give more because of a crisis…and without what you need to do your job safely or to provide appropriate care. 

You are torn; you once loved nursing, but the stress has gotten to you. You worry about your health, your relationships, and your life. Your thoughts run in a loop, “Should I stay in nursing, or it is time to move on?” It’s time to stop the rehashing. You can get clear about your career and make the confident decision to stay or leave nursing.

As a travel nurse, Dr. Karen Beck Wade spent years working side-by-side with nurses in facilities across the country where she felt and heard about these almost universal job stressors. With her doctorate in organizational psychology and with years of experience helping people and organizations optimize their wellbeing and effectiveness, 

Karen will teach you how to:
· Manage your guilt about considering leaving this all consuming career
· Embrace your unique path to helping and serving others with sustainability
· Transform difficult relationships with coworkers into supportive ones so you don’t make a hasty decision
· Release your guilt about not being willing or able to step up to the new challenges and uncover what you really need to help others without killing yourself
· Get honest with yourself about what it would take to be happy in your current nursing job vs the need to transition without unnecessarily hurting anyone.

Let Should I Leave Nursing guide you through the challenging decision of whether or not to leave your nursing career from a place of love and possibility,

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About the Author

Dr. Karen Wade, who released a new book on nursing

Dr. Karen Wade is an organizational psychologist and registered nurse, certified in psychiatric mental health nursing. She speaks and consults in the areas of positive culture, leadership development and career clarity. Her new book is designed for mid-to-later career nurses to have breakthroughs in career vision that bring renewed joy and energy to all aspects of their lives. 

Karen received her ADN in nursing in 1976 from Pasadena City College and embarked on a cultural and career journey in Mexico. Upon returning to the United States, she worked for thirteen years as an RN in various clinical settings. She taught nurses in continuing education and in university programs. She directed an innovative health services project in Ecuador through the U.S. Agency for International Development. She was later the project director for the launching of a child abuse prevention research center in Los Angeles. Upon completing her PhD at Claremont Graduate University in 2000, Karen worked as an organizational development consultant for ten years, including executive coaching while at RHR International, a global firm of management psychologists. 

In 2011, Karen’s son, Andrew, lost his battle with bipolar disorder, dying by suicide at age twenty-four. This was a life-changing event that created an interest in mental health services, leading Karen to return to nursing, specializing in psychiatric nursing. The Andrew Wade Friendship Foundation, dedicated to young adult wellbeing, was formed in his memory. Karen also reacquainted herself with the empowering field of positive psychology, receiving a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania’s online program. Karen lives in Ventura, California, a cozy beach town. She enjoys water sports, hiking above the ocean views, dancing, cultural events, traveling throughout Mexico, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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